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Teen Vehicle Tracking

We Keep Track of What Matters Most to You!

We provide cutting edge Real-Time GPS tracking Device technology to track teen drivers. We provide exceptional quality devices at the best  price, Guaranteed. Our services include complete installation services and ongoing support with all of your tracking needs. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all equipment and services.
Our Vehicle GPS Tracking devices allow you to instantly see the exact location of your teen driver. You get a “bird's eye view” of their driving patterns and whereabouts. As parents, you have absolute control over your teen driver and their activities. You instantly are able to view the precise speed of your teen.  We also offer the Viper Smart Start System, when used with our tracking devices, we are able to put You back in the drivers seat and give you full control of the vehicle from anywhere with your smart phone. If they need the vehicle, but you don't want them driving without your permission, We are able to make it where they ask permission to use vehicle, you unlock the doors and start the vehicle from your phone, then they can get in and drive away.  With our Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices you will know where they are the entire way.  Not only Giving you full control, but giving you the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your children are driving safely. Parents often spend time worrying about the driving habits of their teenagers! Our GPS tracking devices allow you to view your teen's driving location, speed and much more all from your computer or smart phone.

    • Set Up Driving Boundaries
    • View Exact  Location on Demand
    • Current Speed Display
    • Speed Alerts (User Programmable)
    • Automatic Alerts and Updates
    • Advanced Mapping Technology
    • Much More!
  • Facts About Teen Drivers

    The rate of traffic accidents for teen drivers from the ages of 16-19 is higher than any other age group.
    Young drivers notice hazards at a slower rate than their older counterparts.
    Teen drivers have a lower level of risk perception.
    Teen drivers often over estimate their driving abilities and are more apt to engage in risky behaviors.
    Young drivers wear seat belts less than older drivers.
    Additional passengers increases the accident rates for teens from 16-17.

    We offer a variety of high performance tracking devices to remotely monitor your teen drivers location. We offer complete installation on going support. Many of the devices we offer are available with no monthly fees or offer the first full year of tracking free.
    Our devices features include:
  • On Demand Location (anytime with Internet access)
  • Mobile Phone Tracking Access
  • Starter Enabling and Disabling
  • Programmable “Geo-Fences” (set zones)
  • Text Alerts
  • Event Scheduler
  • Alerts for Non Movement
  • Multiple Account Management
  • Multiple User Login
  • Easy Device Transfer
  • Multiple User Levels of Security

Customer Testimonials:

"Nashville Tracking Services has taken alot of the weight off our chest when it comes to our teenage daughter's first car. We have always trusted her, but we also wanted to confirm that she is driving safe. With the help of Nashville Tracking Services, we are able to set zones around her school, Home, and job, whenever she enters the area, it lets us know, whenever she leaves it does the same. We can view the actual speed the vehicle is driving, and confirm where she is at any time day or night. We are really busy parents, so we arent able to sit in front of a computer all day, with notifications on our email and cell phone, and a 90 day history online, it was pretty user friendly. Now we know our daughter has taken her responsibility on the road seriously. Thank you Nashville Tracking Services."

Don and Debby Persons Nashville, TN

"It's my responsibility, as a parent, to make sure that my son is driving properly. I also wanted to be able to know where his vehicle was at all times, after all I do pay for the car and his Insurance. Nashville Tracking Services has Provided everything I needed to ensure I was doing my job as a parent. After I caught him lying about where he was when I was away on business, I had them install the Viper Smart Start System, now he can only drive the vehicle after I start it with my cell phone and unlock the doors for him., his key is useless until I give him permission to drive. And with the GPS Tracking Device, I also know exactly where he is and how fast he is driving at all times. This is the best tool a parent with a new driver can have. Thanks again Nashville Tracking Services for all your help."

Rodney Huff, Nashville, TN

Fleet Services

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Nashville Tracking Services offers you quality, GPS tracking devices easily mounted to your vehicle. We use state of the art technology in all of our tracking systems. Easily view up to date details on the location of one or more vehicles.

Teen Vehicle Tracking

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We provide cutting edge GPS tracking technology to track teen drivers. We provide exceptional quality devices at competitive prices. Our services include complete installation services and ongoing support with all of your tracking needs.

Asset Tracking

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Nashville Tracking Services offers you quality, Real-Time GPS tracking devices easily mounted to your vehicle. We use state of the art technology in all of our GPS tracking systems.

Buy Here Pay Here

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Industry leading GPS Devices will allow owners to locate in real-time, any vehicle in their Inventory. Nashville Tracking Services is Dedicated to providing auto dealers in the subprime auto finance (buy here pay here) business a better nights sleep.

Other Services

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Nashville Tracking Services offers a wide variety of services including: Breathalizer Immobilizers, , Vehicle Security Systems (DEI) , Vehicle Remote Start Systems (DEI) , Viper Smart Start Systems, Computer Spyware Software, Mobile Phone Spyware Software...

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